1. This pass is valid for 7 days after your first class at cfd

  2. This pass is only valid for people who live within a 20km radius of the gyms location and will be asked to prove a valid document (drivers licence) to prove their current home address

  3. This pass is not valid for those who are visiting on holiday

  4. This pass is not valid for those who undergo Crossfit at another box and wish to drop in

  5. This pass will expire if not signed into a class within 30 days from enquiry


  1. All memberships are on a non contractural basis and can be cancelled at anytime. 

  2. Membership payments will be deducted fortnightly and will incur a $1.10 transaction fee via direct debit or a 2.2% C.Card fee paid for by the client

  3. Memberships can be frozen with 14 days notice prior to freezing

  4. Once a membership is cancelled it will require 14 days before cancellation has been executed